Interim Executive Leadership

Gaps in leadership roles results in lower productivity. Whether it is because of a sudden termination or promotion within the organization – utilizing a strong, capable interim leader helps bridge the transition.

We specialize in Human Resources, Health Care Administration, Labor Relations and Program Management. We are ready to quickly step in, stabilize the team dynamics, and “keep the trains running” – all while we assist in securing a long term solution.

Employee Benefits Strategic Consulting

Is the employee who runs your company’s benefit programs a benefits expert?  Are your benefits purchased through an outside broker?  We target smaller employers who may be looking for an extra set of eyes to evaluate and maximize the benefit programs offered to employees.

Let us work with you to understand your benefits programs and ensure you are providing services that your employees appreciate and understand. 

Labor Relations & Union Negotiations

We specialize in partnering with your company’s leadership team to develop bargaining strategies and identify opportunities to mitigate rising labor costs. These can include benefits costs (health care, disability) as well as attendance policies addressing FMLA and absenteeism.

Our partnership will include collaborative development of costing models as well as multiple proposals to provide options to negotiators.

Program Management

Is there a special project that can’t get off the ground because your current team has a lot on their plates? We partner with companies and organizations to work on those special projects by bringing and extra set of hands to the table. From running brainstorming sessions to executing a visionary strategy – our creative minds love helping companies continue to push forward. 

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